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Welcome to Wigporium, your new one-stop shop for everything hair extensions. Whether you’re looking for premium synthetic hair extensions or luxury-yet-affordable human hair extensions, we have an eco-friendly and single-use plastic free choice for you. Here's a little more about our journey and why we do what we do...

Our story so far...

Founded with purpose

With a history of hairdressing and utilising hair extensions, our founder Jack simply found that there was no company out there that really did do the right thing, combining ethics, environment and the overall customer experience - so in 2019 he set out to make that change. After 2 years of product research, development and customer trials Wigporium was launched and continues to work on research and development to ensure that everyone is getting the best quality product for the right price while ensuring our supply is treated fairly and materials are sourced sustainably.

Our mission

At Wigporium, our aspirations are big. We’re on a mission to deliver high quality hair that doesn’t cost the Earth while ensuring that everyone is paid fairly and treated ethically. Our goal is that everyone has the chance to have long and thick luscious locks and to feel confident in a way that protects both their bank account and our planet.

Doing the right thing

When we set out, we knew that we had to do something different to add sustainability to hair extensions. We explored the options available in the UK at the time and knew that something had to be done about the amount of plastic being used, the amount of CO2 being produced and the lack of efforts to sustainably make hair extensions. We pride ourselves on the fact that everything we do has a lens of our environmental impact. Whether it’s packaging, warehousing or even your local courier - everything is selected with our planet in mind. We’re proud that our packaging is made from 100% sustainable materials (including waste corn/wheat) that are fully biodegradable in your home compost bin. We also only use FSC certified recycled paper and card that are fully recyclable.

We create high quality hair products...

Made with purpose

We offer a wide range of extensions to fit everyone's needs and for every purpose. Whether it's a quick clip in set for your wedding/birthday drinks or you're looking for your next set of daily wear nano tips or tapes, we've got the product just for you. Our products were made with purposes in mind, from designing high quality, long-lasting RealFeel synthetic to move away from low quality, high shedding plastic material right through to creating our 100% remy human hair Ultrablend Clip Ins that are designed for a super sleek blend - we've thought hard about every element of wearing extensions right down to the individual clips and tapes. Oh, and all of our products are ethically sourced and sustainably managed to ensure that everyone and everything involved is treated with respect.

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We're always happy to chat! Whether you need a bit of hair advice, need to know what length will look best on you, or if you're just super interested in talking about our environmental promise - our team of friendly hair experts are always ready to chat! We're usually around from 9-7pm, so feel free to drop us a message.