Our goal is to offer affordable yet premium quality hair extensions that don't cost the earth. We're on a mission to make sure that everything we do gives back to the environment and the communities that need it most.

What we're doing...

Biodegradable Packaging

Say goodbye to single use plastics filling the ocean! We've made all of our hair sleeves and mail bags biodegradable.

Recycled Ocean Plastic

All of our plastics are all made from recycled ocean plastics. So with every order, you're taking plastic out of the ocean.

Rebuilding Our Forests

We've partnered with oneteeplanted. Every order = a tree where it's needed, so together we restore forests & rebuild communities.

Recyling Hair For Good

We've partnered with MatterOfTrust to recycle used hair extensions to be used to mop up oil spills in oceans and streets across the planet.

Here's it all in action...

Environmentally friendly packaging.

We take our responsibility to be an enviromentally friendly hair extension supplier seriously. We’re on a mission to become the most environmentally responsible hair extension brand in the world. This means that we had to make some decisions when it came to packaging and all the plastics we put out. Every plastic used is ocean-recycled plastic that is fully recyclable once again, so with every order, you’re taking plastic out of the ocean and hopefully recycling it in your own recycling waste. All of our packaging, from the extensions sleeve to the mail bags/boxes are made with fully biodegradable or recyclable materials, so we cut down on the waste that ends up in landfill. 

Rebuilding forests & communities with onetreeplanted.

We’ve partnered up with onetreeplanted so we can give back to the planet by planting trees in places that need them most, including Cambodia, the UK, California, Australia and the Amazon Rainforest. By ordering with Wigporium, you are giving back to the rainforests and communities around the world – with every order placed, we plant one tree. Not only do ontreeplanted promote and contribute towards a sustainable ecosystem, they also provide communities the knowledge and tools they need to sustain the forests in the future.

You can learn more about onetreeplanted and their mission on their website – onetreeplanted.org.

Recyling hair for oil spills with Matter Of Trust

Don’t let your hair go into landfill when it could be put to good use. Think of your hair and how much goodness and oil it absorbs, hence why you shampoo it. Our hair recycling scheme in partnerships with MatterOfTrust puts these natural effects to good use, turning old and used hair extensions into hair mats to help mop up oil spills across the world. Better yet, when you take part in our hair extension recycling scheme, you get a 10% discount on your next order of hair extensions, so you give back to the planet, and we give back to you. 

Simply post any used hair extensions to us (they can be any brand!) and we’ll make sure they’re put to good use.

Put your hair in an envelope with your name & email address and send to:
Brightfield Business Hub
Bakewell Road

Ethically & sustainably sourcing hair

The hair extension industry is largely unregulated around the world, and is open to unethical suppliers exploiting the market in order to drive down cost and make higher margins. We’re proud that our practices at Wigporium are promoting regulation of the market, and we take extra steps to self-regulate and ensure that our hair is ethically and sustainably sourced. 

Zero Tolerance Policy: We have a zero tolerance policy on coercion or exploitation, promoting the best human rights to all hair donors for our extensions and requiring fair compensation and respect for all involved. We accept there may be shortages in the industry and promote buying only what we need to prevent unnecessary stress on the market/donors.

Inspections/Audits/Business Integrity: We expect all of our sourcing partners and manufacturers to hold the same ethical standards as us when sourcing hair on our behalf and regularly inspect and audit our suppliers around the world. 

Health & Safety/Workers Rights: We expect and regularly check in on our suppliers to ensure they are promoting safe and fair working, paying their workers the correct wage and providing a safe environment that is free from forced or child labour.