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    Ready to enhance your hair game by adding fullness and length, while keeping your luscious locks healthy?
    We’ve got you! Our Luxe Select Weft extensions are the prefect route to give you silky smooth natural beaming hair.

    The Luxe Select Weft hair extensions are the perfect choice for anyone looking to add length and fullness, while maintaining your hairs natural glow. If you’re looking for a solution that doesn’t include glue, substances or chemicals on your hair, then our Luxe Select Weft are your choice. Better yet, our weft is uniquely made for a simple and effective application within an hour. Our Luxe Select extensions are 120g of weft for people that are looking to add extra volume, length and colour into their hair. Our Luxe Select Wefts are ultra-thin which lays perfectly against the hair line making it conformation and natural, our Luxe Select Wefts allow the hair to healthy grow without coursing damaging, breakages and stress to your hair.

    Looking to add a bit of colour?
    Our Luxe Select extensions are prefect for natural colour blends, offering a wide range of X colours to achieve lowlights, highlights and balayage without damaging your hair with bleach and hair dye, and offer you a choice of 5 different lengths. We have uniquely designed these lightweight wefts extensions to have a natural bounce and feel, leaving your hair looking fuller and thicker without the mess of tangling and shedding.

    100% Unprocessed Remy Human Hair
    At Wigporium, we use 100% Cuticle Retained Remy hair on all of our salon professional extensions. All of our human hair extensions have a natural soft shine and are not coated in any chemicals that give an artificial shine. The Luxe Select Weft collection can be reused and replaced into hair multiple times by your hairdresser/salon and will last up to a 6 months to a year with the correct love, aftercare and maintenance.

    Our Luxe Select collection contain 120g of Double Drawn hair per packet.