Double Opulence Clip-In Hair Extensions 20″

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Needing to enhance your hair game at home in a flash while keeping that salon shine?
We’ve got you covered with our 20” Double Opulence Clip In Extensions.

Each pack of clip in hair extensions contains six wefts that are full, thick and silky. Sounds like heaven, right? Our Double Opulence extensions are unprocessed and give a healthy natural beam to your hair, and do not come pre-treated or coated in any chemicals that give any artificial shine. Our extensions are compacted into six clip-in wefts that are easy and fast to apply. Each set contains 210g to help enhance your hair by adding thickness, length, and give you natural beaming hair in a flash.

100%  Unprocessed Remy Cuticle-Retained Hair
Our Double Opulence hair extensions are handmade, created from 100% Remy Cuticle retained human hair. The cuticle retains the hair’s natural shine and bounce and allows the hair to be tangle-free throughout its lifespan. Our Double Opulence looks and feels natural and gives off the salon-permanent hair extension vibe. Thanks to our unique design, they can be reused, washed and styled with brushes and heated tools with no shedding – you can simply treat them like your own hair.

Once you’re finished serving looks with your new hair, simply pop them into your free HairCase to keep them safe and healthy.

The Double Opulence Collection can last up to a year depending on the love and general care they receive.

Simple & easy to fit – no professionals required
No need to visit the salon for this volumised hair boost, our extensions are so easy that you can apply them from the comfort of your own home.

Quick Wash – First, give your natural hair a quick wash and dry, remembering to dry your hair into the same wave pattern as your extensions for maximised blend.

Section – Next, section your hair from your temples to your crown according to your head shape. Clip the wefts into each section and secure them into place by snapping each clip on the weft tight to the root of your natural hair. Repeat this process through the hairline until you are happy with the overall length and style.

For extra hold – Try backcombing the section at the root gently, adding a light mist of hairspray before snapping the clips into place.

Styling – After fitting your extensions, brush through with a bristle brush or a wide tooth comb to give you an even finish and the style you desire. Finish off with your choice of curlers or straighteners.

Detangling – Before washing your clip in hair extensions, ensure that you detangle the hair by brushing with a detangling brush. This helps the hair to avoid tangling and removes any dirt or product build up from styling and use.

Washing – When washing your hair extensions, it’s essential that you use the correct shampoo and conditioner. We recommend using extension safe products that are sulphate-free and alcohol-free, but remember to take the colour and texture of your extensions into consideration when choosing products. When washing the hair, do not rub the products in, instead gently run your fingers through the hair and fully rinse, ensuring that no product remains.

Brushing – When brushing your hair extensions, it’s vital that you are using the correct brushes to avoid any breakages and prevent you from having to replace the hair. Using incorrect brushes for the hair type can cause tugging on the weft, leading to thinning and loss of hair from the weft. We recommend using a bristle brush, as they glide over the strands safely without tugging or causing damage. If brushing curls, we recommend using a wide tooth comb to perfect the style and remain damage free. Remember, using the correct brushes will prolong the healthy lifespan of your hair!

Styling – We know you want that extra zhush. Just remember, when styling and using heat on your extensions you must always try to minimise any damage. We’d recommend investing in some extension heat defence along with some temperature-controlled heat-tools to protect the health and colour of your extensions long-term.

Nourishing – It’s important to remember that (as much as you’d like them to be), the extensions are not attached to your scalp. This means all of the natural oils and goodness aren’t being fed into each strand like they should be. We’d recommend replacing those natural oils and goodness by using Argan Oil – best known for its nourishing properties – on the extensions to keep them healthy and luscious-looking for longer.

Sun/UV – We know you want to show these off in the sun! Please remember, when living your best life in the sun – whether in the UK or abroad – you need to give your extensions a little more love and care, so they can live their best life too! UVA rays can fade your hair colour, leaving it dull and broken – so remember to use sulphate-free and alcohol-free products to prevent this from happening.

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100% Remy Human Hair


Double Opulence


Alaskan Sunset, Atacama Sunset, Bali Sunset, Barbados, Bondi, Cali, Canyon Sunset, Caramel Fusion, Chai Tea Fusion, Ebony, English Toffee, Espresso Fusion, Golden Coast, Hollywood Blonde, Iced Vanilla Fusion, Macchiato Fusion, Manuka Honey, Matterhorn Sunset, Midnight Black, Mocha Fusion, Mykonos, Norwegian Sunset, Oat Fusion, Oslo Sunset, Raven, Smokey Amber, St Tropez, Tanned Blonde, The Original Blonde, True Platinum, Turkish Coffee Fusion, Veneto Sunset

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Double Opulence Clip-In Hair Extensions 20"

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